Different countries, different customs - but also different education systems, career paths, opportunities, and different expertise in professions. The vocational training center IDM is interested in this diversity and nurtures international partnerships, fostering mutual exchange with various countries.





Swiss CoVE innoVET Summit in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Ben Hüter, Director of BBZ IDM, and Melanie Haueter, Head of Communication and Innovation Projects, with European partners (March 2022).

Innovation through Internationalization - A Collaboration with European Partner Schools

Discovering new horizons, engaging in exchange, learning from one another, and inspiring each other are the focal points of the international vocational education project "Swiss CoVE innoVET" with our European partner schools. The goal is to develop structures, tools, and methods that make it easier for vocational schools to formulate an internationalization strategy and promote innovation. Simultaneously, the project facilitates accessing the expertise and experiences of other countries, as well as getting to know their tools and projects—potentially adapting or aligning with them.

The three-year collaborative project began in the summer of 2021. Two summits and two teacher academies are held annually to facilitate this exchange at all levels of the school. At a later stage, companies and professional associations will be involved.

SGAB Transfer-Ausgabe 03/2022

Our apprentices with the project managers in Jever, as well as Patrick Reinhard and Hansueli Steiner, instructors from BBZ IDM (2019)

Cooperation with Germany
Logistics Specialist VET

In April 2018, the Vocational Schools Jever (BBS Jever) and the BBZ IDM signed a cooperation agreement for a joint mobility project.

The aim is to provide logistics apprentices from both countries with a three-week work placement in the respective other country. This initiative is not solely focused on strengthening professional competencies or getting acquainted with different school systems but also aims to provide a deeper insight into the life and culture of the other country, enhancing the social and self competencies of the participants.

Thuner Tagblatt, 12.03.2019 / Nordwest Zeitung, 08.11.2018

The project manager Andrea Gerber and the head of the Sewing Workshop IDM, Sabine Portenier, visiting Vietnam (2019).

Cooperation with Vietnam
Clothing Designers VET

The project was initiated by IBBG with the goal of establishing, under the project leadership of the Nähwerks IDM, a network that promotes and establishes the exchange of competencies and knowledge in the field of basic textile education.

In this initiative, vocational trainers from Swiss training companies are expected to come into contact with industry leaders in the international textile sector through relevant training opportunities. The aim is to familiarize them with the diverse international textile job market. The three-week exchange program focuses on job shadowing, process analysis, and teaching activities. The expertise gained is intended to be expanded and deepened on an international level and integrated into basic and continuing vocational education in Switzerland.

Visit to the partner school SHIP in Vlora, Albania (2018).

Cooperation with Albania
Automotive Technology

The collaboration represents a development project involving the Albanian vocational school SHIP (Shkolla Industriale Pavaresia), Swisscontact, and the BBZ IDM. Swisscontact is executing the project on behalf of DEZA (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation). As part of this exchange, young professionals gain insights into the world of automotive technology in the respective other country.

In addition to expanding technical, self, and social competencies, the focus is also on the intercultural experience.

Berner Zeitung, 29.03.2017


Participants of the robotics competition at BBZ IDM (2023).

Teaching Project RobEurope - An International Robotics Competition in Vocational Baccalaureate

RobEurope is an international robotics competition where various teams from different countries compete against each other on a course. In this course, robots must accomplish various tasks, such as activating a light switch or transporting a ball into a colored area. The competition is conducted under the guidance of the two Vocational Baccalaureate (BM) teachers, Ruth Bossart and Thomas Vogelsanger.



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We are a cantonal vocational school with around 300 employees and 3500 students / apprentices. At five locations in the Bernese Oberland, we offer training and further education in the fields of industry, services and fashion design (IDM).

– 28 training programmes in basic vocational education
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On our homepage you will find important information about bridge courses, vocational students/apprenticeships, the vocational baccalaureate, the IDM sewing unit and vocational training courses. We hope that we have aroused your interest in vocational education and training!

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Mission Statement
Vocational Education Higher Education

The IDM vocational training center offers preparatory courses for the federal Professional examination for logisticians EFA. The training is aimed at candidates who are in a management position within logistics or who would like to prepare for a management role.


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Bridge year program

Young people who still need time for their personal development, for the career choice process or to expand their skills after completing compulsory schooling have the opportunity to attend one of our bridging offers.


Our Offers

We're excited to welcome teachers and students from abroad who are eager to connect with us, share knowledge, and exchange experiences. As part of a network of European schools, we regularly organize exchanges, job shadowing, and training activities for both students and teachers.


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Diona Maloku, Coordinator of Processes and Projects

Diona Maloku
Coordinator of Processes and Projects

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